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February 2024 Issue

“Leverage your Sales Superpowers to unleash your full potential.” 
- Kristie Jones

  • Do You ♥ What You Do?
  • LinkedIn Sales Newsletter
  • "Selling Your Way IN" is NOW available to pre-order anywhere you buy books!

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January 2024 Issue

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” 
- Henry Ford, Founder, Ford Motor Company

  • Do you need sales leadership malpractice insurance?
  • Unleashing Resilient Growth: 5 Steps to Success in Business
  • Book Recommendation - 10x Is Easier Than 2x

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December 2023 Issue

“There is too little professional development being provided to sales teams. Not Product training… true sales soft-skills training. Your RKO is the perfect time to change that!” 
- Kristie Jones

  • Don’t make these RKO mistakes!
  • My new book will be available on August 20, 2024!
  • Book Recommendation - The Great Little Book of Afformations

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November 2023 Issue

“Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind” 
- Brené Brown

  • Not Everyone Feels Thankful
  • Vote on your favorite book cover design
  • Book Recommendation - Ninja Selling

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October 2023 Issue

“Some money is better than no money. Understand and write down what the “cost of no agreement” is for you AND your prospect and then negotiate in good faith to come up with a FAIR solution.” 
- Kristie Jones

  • Concerned about missing quota in 2023? Think Expansion
  • My NEW Book: Selling Your Way In!
  • Sales Prospecting Fundamentals: A Complete Guide to Success

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September 2023 Issue

“When we fail to set boundaries and hold people accountable, we feel used and mistreated. This is why we sometimes attack who they are, which is far more hurtful than addressing a behavior or a choice.” - Brené Brown

  • Exciting News!
  • Instagram Live! Event
  • Stop Letting the Prospect Control YOUR Sales Cycle

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May 2023 Issue

“#ownyourownshit” - Enough Said

  • No More 2nd Chances
  • Featured in Top Sales Magazine

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January 2023 Issue

“Do your salespeople know what their give-get options are in a negotiation?” - Kristie Jones

  • Negotiation Preparation on the Fly: Five Down and Dirty Questions You Should Answer Before Your Next Negotiation
  • Special offer in celebration! 1000 students have taken my Udemy course
  • Institute for Excellence in Sales

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December 2022 Issue

“Churn begins at implementation.” - Kristie Jones

  • Thank You For Your Support
  • NRR will matter more in 2023
  • Final Thoughts for 2022

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October 2022 Issue

“It’s better to have a broken process than no process at all. Broken can be fixed.” - Kristie Jones

  • No Sales Process = No Revenue Progress
  • Sales Prospecting Fundamentals: A Complete Guide to Success
  • Capital Innovators Demo Day - Fall 2022 Cohort

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May 2022 Issue

“Why wait to handle the objection, if you know if’s coming head it off at the pass.” - Kristie Jones

  • Be Proactive to Save Top Talent
  • Founders Only - ZERO Hour
  • NGA Accelerator Showcase

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February 2022 Issue

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” - Kristie Jones

  • What Are You Doing to Improve Your Leadership Skills?
  • Leadership Summitt 3-Day Sales Leadership Event of the year!

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December 2021 Issue

“Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can buy opportunities.” - Kristie Jones

  • Happy Holidays from Sales Acceleration Group
  • The cost of not getting buy-in
  • Find Your Sales Superpower!

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November 2021 Issue

“We made the decision early. If we scored, we were going for two — going for the win.” - Coach Leipold

  • Go for 2 and the win!
  • Find Your Sales Superpower!
  • Top Sales World November Edition is out!

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October 2021 Issue

“Sales Reps are Professional Interviewees, So Buyer Beware!” - Kristie Jones

  • 5 Steps to Hiring the BEST Salesperson
  • Sales Acceleration Group blog was recognized as one of the top 50 Sales Blogs
  • Women Sales Pros - Help for any Issue

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September 2021 Issue

“A good startup candidate is more willow than oak.” - Kristie Jones

  • The Great Resignation is Great for Startups
  • Contributing Writer for Top Sales Magazine, September Issue
  • Latest Panel Discussions
  • Udemy eLearning Course - Improve Your Prospecting Skills

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August 2021 Issue

“You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” - Winnie the Pooh (edited)

  • Get Out of Your Bubble
  • The Earning Curve Speaker Series: Understanding Your Sales Types and Why That Matters
  • Sales Lead Dog Podcast: Taking Off The Rose Colored Glasses

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July 2021 Issue

“#ownyourlife” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Own Your Life and Your Future
  • The Giving Mentality of Customer Success
  • Helping Founders Drive Revenue Through Improved People And Strategies

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May 2021 Issue

“Hunters aren’t Helpers!” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Sales Reps are professional interviewees – Don’t be fooled.
  • Waking Up From the American Dream – A 5-Day Intentional Retreat for Founders

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April 2021 Issue

“Move ‘em Forward or Move ‘em out.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • "My 2nd Favorite word is No!"
  • Accountability is a Sale Strategy: 4-Part Series
  • The Earning Curve Panel Speaking Series: Build Meaningful Accountability into the Sales Function

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March 2021 Issue

“Having a competitive spirit and self-confidence is only intimidating to those who don’t.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Suspects vs. Prospects
  • Accountability is a Sale Strategy: 4-Part Series
  • The Earning Curve Panel Speaking Series: Build Meaningful Accountability into the Sales Function
  • Conversational Selling Podcast: Establishing More Accountability and Clearer Expectations

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February 2021 Issue

“Accountability isn’t a punishment. It’s a gift. From the giver to the receiver.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • What’s Your Sales Secret Weapon?
  • Accountability is a Sale Strategy: 4-Part Series
  • Contributor to Top Sales Magazine, February 2021

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January 2021 Issue

“Hunters aren't helpers” If your hunters are willing to make 1-sheeters, run the social committee, and empty the dishwasher daily, there's a good chance they're actually Customer Success Managers. - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • The Mis-hire Mistake
  • The Latest Webinars & Podcasts
  • Udemy eLearning Course Special

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December 2020 Issue

“The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior - behavioral-based interview questions will help you predict the future.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • 2021 Sales Leader’s Checklist for Success
  • Thanks and Gratitude
  • Mastermind for Founders

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November 2020 Issue

“Each decision you make has consequences, be thoughtful.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • New Udemy for Business eLearning course launch!
  • Building a Rebound-Ready Strategy for the Year Ahead
  • 2021 Compensation Planning

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October 2020 Issue

“Do the right things and the right things will happen.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Doing the Right Thing Requires #Discipline
  • Latest Webinars & Podcasts

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September 2020 Issue

“My 2nd favorite word is no.” - James Friesen, Former Bizlibrary Rep.

  • Your Funnel is a Fantasy
  • Coffee, Collaboration, and Sales Enablement

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August 2020 Issue

“It has to be all about them before it can be all about you before it can be all about us.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Are you a self-centered seller?
  • Latest Podcasts

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June 2020 Issue

“Accountability isn’t a punishment. It’s a Gift.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Accountability - Understandably Uncomfortable... Still Necessary
  • What I’m Listening to and Loving

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May 2020 Issue

“Now’s the time to add value and be a resource for your customers, former customers, and prospects. “During challenging times, one “A” player is worth three “C” players.” #sellyourwayout - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Interim Sales Leadership: Why it Makes Sense Now
  • You Need a Rock Star to Help You "Sell Your Way Out"

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April 2020 Issue

“Now’s the time to add value and be a resource for your customers, former customers, and prospects. “How can I help?” should be your go-to question.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Be Rebound Ready. Strategies to Position your Company for a Bounce Back.
  • Prospecting During Times of Uncertainty

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February 2020 Issue

“If you aren’t controlling the sales process, then your prospect will.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • You’ve Got a Broken Process
  • Creating a culture of self-care and wealth equity in the software industry - The Software Field Manual

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January 2020 Issue

“It has to be all about the Prospect before it can be about You and Your Company before it can be all about US working together!” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • “Stalled” is NOT a Stage
  • The Problem with Productivity

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December 2019 Issue

“I am so grateful for the blessings that happened in 2019. So many amazing people and opportunities came my way in 2019 and many of you are the reason why. Thank you for thinking of me, supporting my journey, and inspiring me to be better! Happy Holidays and let’s welcome in 2020!” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Base Salary: Are you Getting What You’re Paying For?
  • Understanding the Impact of Your Prospects Pain is What Closes Deals
  • Stop Hiring From Your “Gut” – Putting A Formal Hiring Process In Place That Works

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November 2019 Issue

“The boyfriend fairy doesn’t exist and neither does the pipeline fairy. Get off your ass and start prospecting.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Customer Churn Starts at Implementation
  • Preparing for 2020 - Strategic Planning and SKOs

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October 2019 Issue

“I’m not for everyone, and that’s ok.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Addition by Subtraction
  • Sales Growth Summit Nov. 5th and 6th

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September 2019 Issue

“The Top of the Funnel won’t fill itself. How much time did you prospect today?” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Creating a Sales Culture of Accountability

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August 2019 Issue

“I want to help those who want to help themselves. It’s much easier to inspire those who are already motivated to be better.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • If Player/Coach was a Good Idea, Then the NFL Would be Doing It
  • Identifying Your Ideal Customer

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July 2019 Issue

“Why are you asking your prospect questions that Google, their website, and your CRM system know the answers to?” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Why are we Still Doing Disrespectful Demos?
  • Are you Ready to Sell to Gen Z?

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June 2019 Issue

“Decisions are free. Consequences are not.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • #Womenwhosell
  • Kristie Jones - Podcast guest on The Agile Entrepreneur

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May 2019 Issue

“Panic Causes Bad Decisions. If you had enough deals in your pipeline, then you wouldn’t have to try and force bad fit deals to close.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Does your Sales Team have an Accountability Culture?
  • What’s Working? Gifts via Direct Mail!

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April 2019 Issue

“Whether it closes as Won or closes as Lost... It’s Closed and out of your pipeline. What are you doing today to replace that deal?” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • 4 Key Takeaways from the Rainmaker Conference
  • What’s Working? Video is working!

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