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October 2019 Issue

“I’m not for everyone, and that’s ok.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Addition by Subtraction
  • Sales Growth Summit Nov. 5th and 6th

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September 2019 Issue

“The Top of the Funnel won’t fill itself. How much time did you prospect today?” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Creating a Sales Culture of Accountability

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August 2019 Issue

“I want to help those who want to help themselves. It’s much easier to inspire those who are already motivated to be better.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • If Player/Coach was a Good Idea, Then the NFL Would be Doing It
  • Identifying Your Ideal Customer

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July 2019 Issue

“Why are you asking your prospect questions that Google, their website, and your CRM system know the answers to?” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Why are we Still Doing Disrespectful Demos?
  • Are you Ready to Sell to Gen Z?

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June 2019 Issue

“Decisions are free. Consequences are not.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • #Womenwhosell
  • Kristie Jones - Podcast guest on The Agile Entrepreneur

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May 2019 Issue

“Panic Causes Bad Decisions. If you had enough deals in your pipeline, then you wouldn’t have to try and force bad fit deals to close.” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • Does your Sales Team have an Accountability Culture?
  • What’s Working? Gifts via Direct Mail!

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April 2019 Issue

“Whether it closes as Won or closes as Lost... It’s Closed and out of your pipeline. What are you doing today to replace that deal?” - Kristie Jones, Principal

  • 4 Key Takeaways from the Rainmaker Conference
  • What’s Working? Video is working!

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