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I am so excited to be a contributor to Top Sales Magazine! This emagazine is full of advice from leading experts in the area of sales leadership. These experts work with sales leaders every day to help them build winning teams, create successful and scalable processes, and exceed revenue targets consistently.

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We Aren't in Kansas Anymore

Top Sales Magazine: August 2023

When you take on international clients, understanding the impact their culture has on the sales process is imperative in order for them to have success -- especially if their intention is selling to a different country's market.

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Your Tech Tools Should Be Your Best Accountability Partner

Top Sales Magazine: May 2023

I think we all agree that in today's highly competitive business world, it is essential to have the right tools and technology in place to streamline your sales processes, increase productivity, and improve accountability.

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How to Have an Amazing Q4 without Sacrificing Q1

Top Sales Magazine: November 2021

My Son says I'm a dream killer. I prefer realist.
Which is exactly why I respond, “That’s great, but what are you doing to back­fill your pipeline?” when reps boast of the deals, they “just know” they’re going to close this quarter. Because realistically I know that the end of the quarter push to close deals, when not balanced with funnel­filling activities, leads to starting Q1 way behind the 8 ball.

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Set Your Team Up for Q4 Success

Top Sales Magazine: September 2021

T-minus 23 days and counting until Q4. Depending on your sales cycle, your rep’s current pipelines could determine the success or failure of their final quarter of the year.

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Help Your Reps Uncover and Hone their Sales Secret Weapon

Top Sales Magazine: June 2021

I love a good competition. For 13 years, I fed my competitive spirit playing racquetball. I got pretty good at the game, playing at the open level, and even winning a few bucks. Then after 13 years, I wanted a new challenge, so I decided I’d try tennis. I've always excelled at eye-hand coordination sports, so tennis seemed like a good choice.

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How to Turn Accountability into a How to Turn Accountability into a Core Sales Strategy

Top Sales Magazine: February 2021

Sixteen years ago, I sat in my office, door closed, stomach in knots. It wasn't even 9:30 in the morning and I’d just fired my top three sales reps, one by one, as they came in for the day.

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