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Hiring Help

We’ve perfected a process to reduce the chances of mis-hiring.

Hiring the wrong sales rep can cost your company 1x- 2x the base salary of that individual, not to mention the hours of time spent onboarding and training them that will be wasted.

True hunters are few and far between; too many “gatherers” were being hired as “hunters” and were failing. It critical to understand the traits of a hunter are very different from those of a gatherer.

Interviewing is a specific skill that not everyone has or enjoys. Why rely on your gut or an inconsistent process to choose your next hire?

Whether you are hiring SDRs, AEs, Sales OPS, Customer Success Managers, or Executives, we can help in a variety of ways. We can run the entire process or just insert us in the areas where you’d like a professional opinion.

"We decided to offer help hiring SDRS, AEs and Customer Success Reps after seeing over 50% of Reps we were working with in the wrong seat in the bus."