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The Proof

What our clients are saying...

Need some proof? See for yourself why our clients love us.  Here's a few of our latest case studies. 

  • "I absolutely love working with Kristie. She has an incredible depth of knowledge about sales strategy in the SaaS world, and helps you apply that knowledge to make a difference quickly. In a few short months, she helped me organize our sales team better, improve our processes, and hire skilled team members. I’d recommend Kristie to anyone looking for a consultant."

    Kelly Travis Director of Sales and Marketing at Bonfyre
  • "What can I say. Kristie is awesome! I needed her expertise in shaping up a pitch deck for Arch Grants and what I got was that and more. Within the space of our 30 minute conversation she helped me understand our dual marketing message, key elements of our strategy and considerations for attracting and rewarding brand influencers. From high-level planning/strategy to detailed nuggets, Kristie's knowledge and insights cover the spectrum. Instantly likeable, immensely helpful and a great advisor.

    Thanks, kkj"

    Nicole Mwesigwa Co-founder of iCover Insure
  • "Kristie has an incredible depth of knowledge in sales strategy and better yet, knows how to apply it to produce results. She is one of our most sought-after mentors because of the direct and actionable feedback she offers enabling our startups to advance their business in meaningful ways. Additionally, I appreciate the benefits we realize from her overall business management expertise and strong work ethic. Kristie is a great asset!"

    Mary Louis Helbig Executive Director ITEN
  • "Kristie has been amazing in working with my sales team on their processes. With her teaching and expertise, the team has been able to have higher close rates and sales. Hands down, hiring Kristie has been the best business decision that I have made in 2018!!"

    Shannon Shores President & CEO Wellex
  • "Kristie is an amazing professional. She is my go to person when it comes to sales strategy and execution. Her experience is invaluable and has a knack for knowing sales people. I will continue leveraging her for a long time."

    Gregg Smith CEO at Pearl Solutions Group
    Investor | Business Advisor
  • "We brought Kristie into Agilis to evaluate our sales and marketing efforts. We had recently shifted our sales efforts from outbound to more inbound and needed some help in evaluating the process and making sure we were getting maximum output from out team.

    Kristie did a great job in making recommendations on improving our process that will help us increase our sales volume. The one thing that most impresses me about Kristie is her ability to quickly assess the organization and make insightful and accurate reads on our people and help us to get everyone on the right seat on the bus. She is also not afraid to tell it like it is and give you honest feedback which is so different from many consultants that tell you what you want to hear."

    Dave Barford Managing Director at The Gilead Group
  • "Kristie has been an outstanding asset to our organization. She was hired to help us in three important ways:

    • Improve our selling techniques
    • Improve our systems and procedures
    • Positively impact our culture - continual learning, more individual thinking, more self-sufficiency

    Kristie's work supplied immediate value. She's exceeded expectations in the categories above, in addition to providing value with her knowledge of, her ability to implement change and the respect she's earned from the sales team she manages.

    For any organization in need of serious, professional sales management talent, I could not give a higher recommendation to Kristie's efforts."

    David Friedman General Manager at Telephone Doctor, Inc.
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