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I recently talked with John Moore, The Collaborator, on Coffee, Collaboration, and Sales Enablement about the need for companies to be “Rebound Ready”.

Here are the key takeaways from my chat with John:

I enjoyed chatting with Tony about everything from the difference between hunters and farmers to how to hold your sales reps accountable.

I had a great time chatting with Natalie Luneva on #SaaSBoss about how important hiring your very 1st sales reps is.

With Kristie Jones of Sales Acceleration Group

I had a great conversion with Rob Jeppson Rob on his podcast to talk about how companies who use creativity and innovation to change during this challenging time will be the ones who win their way to not just survival, but high-growth success. Companies must be ready to adapt quickly and be prepared to reevaluate everything. When we embrace change, we have to understand that failure is to be expected as we implement new products, new pricing models, and new partners. Click below to listen now!

Take Action Now to Position your Company for a Bounce Back

Founders, Owners, and Executives – The actions you take today will impact how and how quickly you’ll rebound from the current economic challenge. Those decisions can be the difference between thriving and just surviving in the post-COVID world. 

Startup best practices you need to implement... NOW!

These are uncomfortable and uncertain times.

Overnight we went from a country with the Dow over 29,000, an unemployment rate under 3% and most companies seeing very healthy YoY growth rates. Now we are facing a very different reality.

Making the Uncomfortable More Comfortable

These are uncertain times for you and your sales teams. We all need to work together to get through this scary and unusual situation. Continuing to fill the top of the funnel will be critical to ensure revenue in Q2, Q3, and Q4. I’d like to help.

Criteria for SuccessI recently had a chance to chat with Laura Marchoff of Criteria for Success on her Podcast to share with her listeners the importance of creating a sales accountability culture and so much more.


Don’t Let ‘em Off Easy: How to Hold Prospects Accountable

Keeping deals flowing through the pipeline is critical for Sales Reps to hit quota and for companies to realize revenue goals. However, preventing deals from stalling out and prospects from disappearing isn’t easy. Forty-six percent of sales reps missed their quota in 2018...

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I recently got a chance to speak with Donald C Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, on his Podcast, about the importance of having a formal and repeatable hiring process to ensure you are finding and hiring the best sales talent for your Startup or small business. Click here to get a  list of behavior-based interview questions I use to find the best sales candidates for my clients. 

I recently had a chance to speak with Barbara Giamanco of Social Centered Selling on her Podcast "Conversations with Women in Sales" to share with her listeners the importance of creating a sales accountability culture. Check out all the great interviews on Barb’s podcast at

Check out all the great interviews on Barb’s podcast at


I recently had the opportunity to “sit down” with Ramesh Dontha of The Agile Entrepreneur to share with his listeners how Sales Acceleration Group got started, what I think the biggest challenges are with starting your own business and the satisfaction I receive from being able to help so many companies grow and increase their revenue.

Success in the area of sales requires much more than being able to talk about your product and its benefits. Understanding the key components of your company’s sales cycle, and how to align them with your customer’s buying cycle, is critical to your ability to grow. Come hear from experts in this area and get your questions answered. Featuring ITEN Mentors Kristie Jones & Keith Grosz.